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Dog Training
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Collars and Leashes
Housebreaking Aids
  • Dog Aggression Training Partner Link
    An online resource that provides information & tools to help you stop dog aggression, dog biting, dog disobedience and other dog behavior problems.
  • Amtek
    Specializes in products to train dogs with barking problems. Also offers animal repellants.
  • Canine Intelligence Agency
    Offering a range of equipment and books. Illustrated catalog, excerpts and profiles.
  • Cantass Canine Consultants
    Supplying clicker-related books and videos, with a library of free articles.
  • DogBasics
    Offering a range of accessories and equipment including clickers, harnesses and leads as well as private consultations and classes.
  • Dogstar Training
    Offering a series of videos and a selection of collars and leads. Illustrations, descriptions and instructor profile.
  • Flying Dog Press
    Providing books, booklets and videos on dog training, as well as phone and video consultations with Suzanne Clothier. Includes articles and seminar schedule.
  • Hanaleipets
    Offering videos, books, training toys and treats.
  • Houssen's Dog Training Center
    Illustrations and details about videos, newsletters, equipment and CD ROMs.
  • K II Enterprises
    Offering battery-powered devices which use high frequency sound. Description and testimonials.
  • Kennel Silencers
    Using ultrasound or water to control barking dogs in a kennel environment. Testimonials and recommended applications.
  • Learning About Dogs
    Illustrated catalog of clicker equipment and accessories, books and videos, plus details of courses and workshops in the United Kingdom.
  • MarkOut
    A system of wraps and an instruction manual for housebreaking male dogs. Product history, testimonials and related products.
  • Pet Expertise
    Offering training aids, such as clickers, bait bags, motivational toys, gates, and crates, and products to assist with correcting behavior problems.
  • Puppy Power
    Supplying clickers and lanyards, with training tips and instructions for tricks. Australia.
  • Simply Sarah, Inc.
    Illustrations and descriptions of books, videos and equipment. FAQ, testimonials and background information.
  • Sounds Scary
    A range of CDs for treating phobias of fireworks, thunder and other noises.
  • Sydney Dog Training Centre
    Offering collars, leads, signs, muzzles and other accessories, as well as a training video, for shipping throughout Australia.
  • Taking the Lead
    Offering clickers and related accessories such as treat bags and retractables.

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