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Dog Obedience
  • Dog Training Partner Link
    Customized private lessons and group classes for dogs of all ages and levels. The Friendly Experts since 1982.
  • American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration
    Membership details and links to classes are provided, as well as a photograph gallery of successful handlers.
  • Basic Dog Training
    Instructions are given for teaching simple exercises.
  • National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
    Requirements for membership are listed, together with an index of members worldwide.
  • Bellevue Dog Obedience Club
    Offering all levels, including rally classes. There is a photograph album of members and their dogs. Nebraska.
  • Central Essex Dog Training Society
    Apart from class and membership details and a programme of social events, information can be found on the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and United Kingdom Dog Law as well as short book reviews. England.
  • Dog Obedience Club of Hollywood
    Offering classes through to Trial level as well as agility, flyball and tracking. A monthly newsletter is available to download, and members have a photograph gallery. Florida.
  • Embsay Dog Training Club
    Offering standard classes, home-based puppy training and general socialisation. Photographs show past and current members, including their successes with problem dogs. Skipton, North Yorkshire, England.
  • High Lane Pet Dog Training Club
    Class descriptions, members' photographs and simple training tips are provided. England.
  • Houston Obedience Training Dog Club
    All levels of class are offered, plus tracking, flyball and agility. Prospective members can download forms and class details, training tips are given and photographs show various club activities. Texas.
  • Jackson Obedience Training Club
    All breeds are welcome, and details of times and requirements are provided, along with training tips and trial information. Mississippi.
  • Kalamazoo Dog Training Club
    As well as class details and member profiles, dog-related community projects are described and links given to rescue organisations. Michigan.
  • Manukau Dog Training Club
    Offering all levels, including agility and flyball. Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls
    Providing classes, training guidelines, health tips, recipes for treats and a members' page. Texas.
  • Rand Park Dog Training Club
    Offering all levels of obedience and tracking, as well as members' photographs, trial information and a memorial page. Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sheboygan Dog Training Club
    Non-profit organisation offering all levels of obedience and agility, with explanation of classes and competition requirements. Includes events schedule and map.
  • Timber Ridge Dog Training Club
    Offering agility, obedience, and field trial training. A members' newsletter is available, plus a schedule of events. Central Wisconsin.
  • Town and Country Dog Training Club
    A full range of six-week courses is offered as well as drop-in classes for higher levels and conformation. Photographs show various club events. San Jose, California.
  • Uppse Suncoast Dog Training Club
    Classes for all levels including agility. Explanations of each activity are given and the competition process is described in detail. Clearwater, Florida.

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