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Dog Magazines
  • Dog World
    Source for breed, training, health, obedience, and behavior information for owners of man's best friend.
  • Dogs in Canada
    Canadian magazine that closely follows and reports on the world of purebred dogs from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and every breed in between.
    Cyberzine about working dogs around the world.
  • Whole Dog Journal
    Subscription based monthly guide to natural dog care and training.
  • Bark
    A literary arts magazine for the dog-centric reader.
  • Dog Fancy
    Provides stories, news, information on care, breeder listings, interactive communities, games for kids, and more.
  • Cyberdogs and Cats Magazine
    Offers training tips, veterinarian health advice, and an international listing of breeders.
  • Good Dog!
    Offers independent consumer information for dog owners as well as articles about health, nutrition, and behavior.
  • Pampered Puppy
    Online magazine and resource for those who love to spoil the heck out of their puppies.
  • Dog News
    Weekly source for dog judges, breeders, handlers and fanciers.
  • Doggies in the Windows
    Includes breeder directory, services, breed art items, handlers, upcoming shows and matches, and much more.
  • Dog & Kennel
    An informative, authoritative, and entertaining guide to everything you need or want to know about dogs.
  • Sheltie Pacesetter
    Devoted to the development and promotion of the Shetland Sheepdog.
  • Canine Chronicle, The
    Offers editorial about shows, feature articles, statistics, community, and top 20 dogs.
  • Fido Friendly
    Offers list of accommodations, services, and activities to do when traveling with your dog.
  • Canine Review Magazine
    Established in 1978 and featuring regional reports from across Canada plus interviews with judges and more.
  • Show Dog Magazine
    The first online magazine dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs.
  • Sheltie International
    Bi-monthly magazine of care, showing, breeding, obedience, medical, and general information for Sheltie lovers.
  • Dogs in Review
    American dog show magazine with emphasis on editorial content and articles from judges, breeders, handlers, and exhibitors.
  • Sporting Dog Online
    Comprehensive game bred American Pit Bull Terrier resource and home to the magazine "The Journal."
  • Pedigree Dogs
    Offers breed information, details of clubs and societies, discussion areas, and more.
  • Basenji, The
    Breed magazine.
  • Bay-Dog Online
    Hog hunting e-zine.
  • JabberwocKEES International
    Keeshond magazine devoted to the health, welfare, and promotion of the ultimate companion dog.
  • Sighthound Review
    Publication devoted entirely to Sighthound breeds including the Whippet, Greyhound, Saluki, and Afgan.
  • Classic Saluki Magazine
    Dedicated to the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of the ancient Saluki.
  • K9 Magazine
    Magazine dedicated to the modern British dog owner. Contains breeder information, kennel directory, articles, lists of events, and more.
  • Pit Bull Reporter Magazine
    Dedicated to educating pit bull owners and the general public about the true history and nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Pug Talk
    Breed magazine.
  • Modern Dog
    Magazine for the urban, chic dog and its human companion.
  • Lhasa Apso Reporter
  • Poodle Variety
    Magazine covering breeding, exhibiting, and keeping show, agility, and obedience Poodles.
  • PlayDog
    Entertainment for dogs and their humans.
  • Borzoi Connection
    Nonprofit publication features Borzoi Club news, articles, events, and more.
  • Modern Pooch
    Weblog providing a daily doggy fix, with dog pictures, stories, and links.
  • Filatalk Magazine
    Includes articles, photos, dog profiles, kennel links, and more.
  • Dog & Handler
    Magazine covering all dog sports.
  • Dobermn Quarterly Magazine
    Chronicling the purebred Doberman Pinscher fancy for over 30 years.

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