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Dog Grooming
Dog Cleaning
  • Dog's Choice - Grooming for Health Partner Link
    Professional grooming supplies for the health of your dog and your wallet. Read dog care articles, "Ask Laura" your questions, chat in our forum and share pics of your dogs in the Your Dogs photo album.
  • DaddyRay's Partner Link
    Offers blade and shear grinding to factory specifications.
  • Doggie Bow Ties Show Dog Bows
    Professional quality show dog bows and hundreds of adorable pet bows for Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Maltese.
  • American Pet Pro
    Products sections include shampoos, tools, dryers, tables, tubs, and colognes.
  • The Animal Grooming Shop
    Offers clippers, blades and other grooming supplies.
  • BAC to Nature
    Offers natural products for odour elimination, removing stains from coats and faces, skin care and allergy treatment.
  • Bardel Bows
    Finishing bows in a variety of sizes and colors including holiday designs.
  • Bark & Bath LLC
    Manufactures and sells low lather shampoo, perfume, and pad balm.
  • Best Shot Solutions
    Products for professionals and pet owners including shampoos and conditioners for every skin type and every pet.
  • Bows by Haley
    Offers bows and accessories.
  • Bowtique Dog Bows
    Providing custom bows for groomers and pet shops.
  • Coat Handler Products
    Offers sunscreen, brushes, creams and shampoos.
  • Complete Clipper Service
    Specializing in clippers, blades, dryers, and other parts to veterinarians, groomers and kennels.
  • Dazzle Dog
    Offering shampoo, conditioner and cologne.
  • Doggiedews
    Offering book with seven chapters of information on grooming pets in their own environment. Sample book can be viewed online.
  • The Doggie Bag Barkery
    A gourmet bakery just for dogs! All of our treats are made with the freshest ingredients and no preservatives, sugar or salt added! We offer a wide variety of treats from our savory biscuits and pizzas, to our scrumptious cookies and candies.
  • E-Z Groom
    Produces all natural shampoo, conditioner, colognes, and styling tools. Also features clippers, dryers and shears.
  • EZ-Groomer
    Promotes a comb with a tooth design that gathers undercoat fur in a more efficient manner than conventional grooming tools. Testimonials, instructions for use, and video clip.
  • Fantasy Farm Products Co.
    Show ring and novelty bows for Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Poodle, and other long-haired breeds. Also latex grooming bands and supplies.
  • Groomer Choice
    Retails wide range of products for groomers from nail polish to dryers and dehumifiers.
  • Groomer's Secret
    Selling natural professional shampoos, conditioners and sprays that contain no dyes or artificial fragrance. Formulated to prevent dry skin and coat.
  • Inspired Products and Services
    Selling a brush for cats, dogs and other furry animals. A quick-flip fur removal system lifts loose fur out of the brush. For right or left handed groomers.
  • Jilly B's
    Features shampoo, conditioner and fragrance that can be purchased separately or as a gift basket. Located in the UK.
  • John Stazko Associates
    Offers pet grooming seminars, videos, and professional pet care supplies. Calendar of seminars, location, and contact information provided.
  • Miracle Groom
    Natural waterless dog and cat grooming supplies and pet care products for cleaning and removing pet odor.
  • My Pet Washer
    Promotes washing nozzle for pets that lifts fur instead of matting it down, resulting in more complete dirt removal and less soap residue. Site has video demo.
  • Natural-One
    Canadian supplier of hygiene, health and beauty products for dogs and cats.
  • Odor Free
    Selling a spray for reducing the odor of pet droppings.
  • Optigroom
    Supplying shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, additives, and sprays.
  • Oxypet International
    Offers pet shampoo.
  • Pal Dog
    Offers a line of gentle shampoos and bath sprays for dogs and cats. Products are soap and DEA-free, ph-balanced for pets and biodegradeable.
  • Pet Clippers R Us
    Offers clippers, shears, and dryers for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats.
  • Pet Magic Shampoo
    Offers assorted shampoos and conditioners.
  • Pet Trends
    Offering shampoos, conditioners, spritz, balms, and deoderizers for bedding.
  • Petiquette
    Offering baths, shampoos and coat treatments. Includes a photograph gallery.
  • Petkits
    Features tools in a travel bag for cats and dogs as well as fragrance products. Offers tips for product use.
  • Plush Puppy
    Supplies shampoos, styling and finishing products and bathing alternatives.
  • Plush Puppy CA
    Offers natural show quality grooming products of shampoos, styling, finishing and bathing alternatives. Also grooming articles.
  • ProGroom
    Distributors of grooming equipment and accessories for use by groomers, stylists, and veterinary clinics.
  • Pure Pet
    Supplies line of premium cat, dog and horse shampoos, conditioners, and deoderisers. Includes products for puppies, as well as anti-flea solutions.
  • Shampette Pet Washing System
    Offering a massaging shower head, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Sharpwright
    Offering clippers, scissors, tables, dryers, shampoos and grooming apparel.
  • Shear Delight
    Offers straight and curved shears and scissors from several manufacturers.
  • Show Off
    Products for professional and breeder handlers of show dogs, including bows, leads, wrapping bands, scissors, brushes, leads, and instructional videos.
  • Snippets Grooming
    Professional Dog Groomers based in Glasgow. We groom in our own home or yours if suitable. We do not use cages at any time.
  • Soft Paws
    Offering claw covers for cats and dogs to protect furniture and floors.
  • Stephenson's Sales and Service
    Products include tables, dryers, clippers, blades, shampoo, and bathing tubs.
  • Supersoaper
    Features a shower or bath attachment for washing dogs. Includes photographs and testimonials.
  • TLC Grooming and Sharpening Services
    Offering grooming supplies for pet owners, and professionals. Includes tips and pet rescue information.
  • Wahl Animal Store
    Offers trimmers for professional and home use, as well as replacement blades and accessories.
  • WGroom
    Wholesale provider of dog grooming equipment, vet equipment, grooming accessories, supplies and apparel.

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