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You are here : Home > Dog Health > Health Products > Dietary Supplements
Dog Dietary Supplements
  • K9-Rx Partner Link
    Provides food additive in trial size and economy size. FAQ's, feeding guidelines, and informational videos.
  • Healthy Connection Company Partner Link
    Offering Pet Life Plus, a natural, human-grade food supplement containing thirty raw food ingredients.
  • ALC INovators
    Lecithin based nutrition supplement for dogs and cats, and natural shampoo.
  • Amber Technology
    Provides natural herbal products to help overcome parvo virus, heart worms, parasites, cough, and urinary tract infections.
  • AnimalCareSupplements
    Produces and manufactures all natural joint supplements for horses and dogs called Motion.
  • Arthrix
    Alternative medicine for the treatment of pain in dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or joint injuries; available in chewable tablets.
  • Aviform
    Selling supplements and tonics for dogs, horses, racing pigeons and cage birds.
  • Best For Your Pet
    Provides holistic veterinary supplements, glandular extracts, colostrum, beta-thym, serene melatonin, mega-lipotropic and shark cartilage.
  • Biopet Inc
    Natural vitamin enriched supplements for dogs and cats. Articles, studies, and testimonies.
  • Dog Supplement
    If your dog is itching and scratching, has excessive shedding, a dull coat, chronic weight loss, bad breath, or joint pain, it is most likely rooted in dog allergies or poor nutrition. Dinovite® dog supplement was specially created with dog vitamins and nutrients that prevent and alleviate health problems related to dog allergies and nutrient deficiencies. Try our dog supplement today.
  • Dr. Carol Osborne
    Veterinarian promotes vitamin and mineral supplement for optimum health in dogs and cat. Ingredients shown with benefits of each listed.
  • Dr. Gary's Formula
    Offers natural treat with glucosamine, vitamins and supplements for healthy joints. Posts ingredients and testimonials.
  • J & G Laboratories, Inc.
    Formula that when sprayed on the pet's food will eliminate offensive odors such as bad breath, body and urine/stool odors.
  • K-9 Power Products
    Providing a range of nutritional and performance supplements for dogs. Includes ingredients, nutrition articles and testimonials.
  • K9Maxx
    Sells multivitamin product made of natural ingredients. Offers FAQ's, ingredient list, and testimonials.
  • Mapleton Veterinary Clinic
    Manufacturer of nutritional supplements for canines, bovines, equines, alpacas and llamas.
  • Pawmax
    Sells vitamins and health wellness products for dogs and cats.
  • Pet Health Institute
    Selling formulations that target specific dog and cat health issues for increased energy, better coat and skin, and relief from chronic digestive problems.
  • Pet Renewal
    Providing products to boost immune response in dogs, cats and horses.
  • PMK Organics
    Supplying natural additives, with testimonials and free articles.
  • Pro-Tec Pet Health
    Sells Body Guard for prevention and relief from skin and coat problems of dogs and cats.
  • Rio Enterprises
    Promoting a dietary supplement for overweight dogs. Company background and history, product photographs, and distributorship information.
  • Sea Starr Animal Health
    All natural shark cartilage supplements for joints and for the alleviation of arthritis, skin problems and dull coat.
  • Seacure Nutriceuticals
    Offers Australian made shark cartilage capsules and powder.
  • ShedControl
    Promotes vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs and cats to prevent shedding.
  • Sojos
    Selling a blend of grains, herbs, nuts, and sea kelp that mixes with meat to make homemade pet food.
  • Synflex For Pets
    Selling liquid glucosamine formula for improving mobility and easing pain in dogs, cats and horses.
  • U.S.Animal Nutritionals of Vermont
    Sells products to support vitality, growth, performance, and immune response of large and small animals.
  • Vegepet Store
    Supplies supplements to complement a vegan diet that owners can prepare in their kitchen using recipes that accompany each product.
  • VelcoteUK
    UK distributor and retailer offering remedy for persistent skin and coat problems in domestic animals with furr.
  • Wellness Support Network, Inc
    Selling nutritional product that lowers blood sugar levels of diabetic canines and felines.

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