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You are here : Home > Dog Supplies > Dog Collars, Leads and Harnesses
Dog Collars, Leads and Harnesses
  • Barks-n-Bytes Partner Link
    Specializing in custom leather products in varied designs. Also sells breed specific jewelry for owners.
  • Accolade Leathercraft
    Offering handmade leather collars, leads, brace and harness also repairs and alterations.
  • Acme Kennel
    Manufacturer and retailer of leashes, harnesses, and leads. Also offers T-shirts.
  • Allie and Annies Pampered Pets
    Sells handmade products made of nylon with cotton fabric overlays, and a plastic buckle. Varied colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Around The Hounds
    Greyhound and Sighthound collars and coats.
  • Ashwood
    Custom glass etching and handwoven leashes.
  • Barbie
    Offers collars, leads, leashes, coats, and bandanas.
  • Big Dog UK
    UK distributors of flexible, elasticated leashes and neoprene collars.
  • BlackDog Company
    Manufacturer and seller of outdoor-related supplies, including leashes, couplers and harnesses.
  • Blocky Dogs
    Offering custom made heavy-duty products for working canines. Personalization available.
  • Bob Parle
    Maker and seller of hand braided leather leashes and collars.
  • Bow Wow Collars
    Handmade designer collars and leashes.
  • BSSB Supplies
    Handcrafted collars, leads and tassles, and coursing slips. Also offers pet related artwork.
  • Bulldog Supply Company
    Manufacturer of nylon dog collars, leashes, and weight pulling harnesses.
  • BullyMolosserLuv
    Provides strong and wide collars for Bull Dogs and Molosser groups. Also natural food products and books.
  • BunGee Pupee
    Offering an expandable leash.
  • Camelot Collars
    Features handmade items in tapestry, velvet and metallic material, with matching leads.
  • Cardio Canine
    Selling a hands-free harness and leash system, with specifications and video of product in use.
  • Caspers Chihuahuas
    Seller of handmade fancy and decorative show leads and slip collars. Leads are made for any breed although specialize in toy breed sets.
  • Casual Canines
    Provides custom handcrafted accessories including custom collars, side release and martingale with coordinating leads.
  • Chinook
    Offers break-away safety collars that prevent animals from getting injured.
  • Classicollars
    Features martingale collars and accessories for the sighthound and similar breeds.
  • Club Aloha
    Hawaiian print collars and leashes, using fabrics, webbing and strong hardware. Collars are fully adjustable and leashes are 6 feet in length.
  • Collar Corner.
    Offer assortment of collars. Holidays, sports, fun, seasons, Christmas and Halloween.
  • Collar Girl
    Offering buckle and martingale varieties made from fabric and ribbon.
  • Collars by Karen
    Custom collars and leashes.
  • Cottage Collars
    Supplies adjustable collars.
  • DecoPawz
    Hand decorated and personalized pet collars in a variety of seasonal, holiday and stylish themes.
  • Designing Dogs
    Creates and sells needlepoint kits.
  • Dog Collars UK
    Seller of leather collars, slip leads, leads and couplers. Specializing in sighthounds.
  • Dog ID Collar
    Offering collars and leads with pet's name.
  • Dog Jogger Products
    A hands free leash that allows better balance and a full-arm aerobic workout while jogging, hiking or walking.
  • Dog Owner's World
    Personalized embroidered leashes, collars, towels, bandanas, and blankets.
  • Dog Sports Equipment
    Sells leather collars and leads in varied styles.
  • Dogmuzzle
    Selling wire or polyethylene baskets, as well as leather and nylon varieties.
  • Dogs Life Doggie Leash
    Offers assorted tangle free products.
  • EagleWest Enterprises
    Manufacturer and seller of ergonomic safety leashes.
  • Edelweiss Leather
    Offers leather goods such as dog collars, belts, head collars and leads.
  • Emily the Leashlady
    Offering leather show and training leads as well as collars.
  • EzyDog
    Offers leashes, collars, harnesses and accessories.
  • Fashion Hound
    Designs and sells hand-sewn collars and leashes.
  • Fur Face
    Offers dog collars, leashes in assorted patterns and fabrics.
  • Furberry Fashions
    Offering matching cloth collar and lead sets.
  • Green Mountain Dog Collars
    Offers products for greyhounds and sighthounds. Martingale style, slip collars, hemp dog jewelry and beds.
  • Handcraft Collars
    Offers nylon collars and leads
  • Heavenly Hounds
    Maker and seller of handmade nylon collars and leashes with decorative ribbon.
  • Hoot Gibsons
    Offers collars, leads and vests.
  • 4 Hounds Pet Products
    Supplies plain or personalized leather products.
  • Husher International
    Offers a muzzle to prevent barking, as well as collars and leads.
  • If It Barks
    Supplies martingale and quick-release collars and leashes.
  • Jessicas Original
    Offers collar slip covers, custom collars and leashes.
  • K A Johnson Imports
    Maker of leather collars with brass name tags and hardware.
  • Kangaroo Leather Show-Leads
    Handmade braided leads.
  • Karen's Kollars
    Seller of collars made from ultrasuede, ultraleather and leather.
  • Keepsafe
    Manufacturers of collars that break-away to prevent strangulation accidents. Available with matching leashes.
  • Kristalas Imports
    Offers harnesses, leads, muzzles and apparel. Includes company and dealer information.
  • Kuchi Collars
    Offering handmade collars with jewelry and embroidery.
  • Larz Equipment
    Maker and seller of humane leashes with a progressive "flex section" integrated into it for preventing injury and assisting in training. Single and multiple-versions.
  • Lazy Leash Products
    Collar and leash pets wear all the time.
  • LDS Leather Company
    Designer, maker and provider of custom leather leashes, collars and harnesses for service and companion pets.
  • Long Neck Deco
    Offers collars for sighthounds, greyhounds, whippets, salukis, afghans and other breeds.
  • Marine Dog Leashes and Leads
    Water proof leashes for small and large pets.
  • Marsha's Martingales
    Provides custom-made leather and fabric martingale-style collars for sighthounds. Also carries braided tag collars, tag bags and leather leads.
  • The Moriah Company
    Making handcrafted leather show leads, round collars and leads, standard leashes, and harnesses.
  • Mrs Bones Decorative Pet Collars
    Large selection of handmade collars and sighthound collars, handmade in Maine.
  • Mycooldog
    Supplying metal mesh collars.
  • No Hang Up
    Designer and seller of leads designed to prevent tangling and catching on obstacles.
  • Northwind Whippets and Collars
    Martingale collars, leads and quick release style collars. Also contains information on the dogs.
  • On Lead
    Offers braided leather collars and leads.
  • Price's Dog Leashes
    Offering steel cable leashes for hunting, exercise and training.
  • Satin Stitches
    Offering personalized, embroidered collars and leashes.
  • Schaussi's Alpenschatz
    Features original handcrafted collars and leashes in traditional Alpine style.
  • Silk Road Collars & Leads
    Offers specialty collars, leads and coats.
  • Sirius Enterprises
    Selling handcrafted collars in cloth and leather.
  • Smith Morrow
    Manufacturers leather leads and collars of all types.
  • Sobaka Wear
    Offers leather, nylon, choke collars and coats.
  • Tail'err Made
    Offers leashes, collars, belly bands and car seat covers.
  • Tug No More
    Offers a hands-free harness.
  • Two Dog Leash
    Supplies leashes for handling multiple dogs, as well as for obedience and tracking.
  • Walk or Stay Leash Co.
    Maker and seller of collars and leashes with a clasp to allow the leash to be securely attached to stationary objects.
  • Walkezee
    Maker and seller of a humane harness to walk and train pets.
  • Xtreme Sport Leash
    Offering standard and security leashes, harnesses, cart pullers, and accessories.

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