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You are here : Home > Dog Supplies > Clothing and Accessories
Dog Clothing and Accessories
  • Alexis Creations Partner Link
    USA handmade designer dog fashions, including bandanas, coats, dresses, vests, shirts, hats, formal wear and accessories. Also, seasonal clothing items for holidays and special occasions, as well as safety clothing for pets.
  • Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga Partner Link
    A small store for dinky dogs. Costumes, clothing, collectibles, carriers, collars, leashes, accessories and a whole lot more for your pampered pooch. Specializing in small sizes. For all the best in doggie style shop online or in New Orleans.
  • A1 Dog Boot Company
    Offers items with zipper opening, closure and mounted stabilizer.
  • Adorable Pet Boutique
    Pet clothes for very small pets such as Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles. Holiday prints and all occasion fabric choices for pet clothes.
  • All Mighty Isis
    Offering letter jackets, with a list of New York retail outlets.
  • Always Fancy
    Offers collars, show and jeweled bows.
  • Animal Wrappers
    Clothing for rainy and/or snowy days available in sizes for pets from 10 pounds and less up to 80 pounds.
  • Anklebitersnyc
    Handmade apparel for small breeds. Items include snowsuits, coats, and accessories.
  • Ann Lepley's Small Dog Clothing
    Clothing and accessories for small breed dogs.
  • Anxiety Wrap
    Dow wear that helps animals to cope and overcome their past and present issues. It aids an animal's ability to focus and remain calm and complements the use of gentle training methods.
  • Atlanta Paw
    Offers reversible, tie-on bandanas.
  • Badddoggear
    Provides items such as harnesses, muzzles, bath products, and vitamins and supplements.
  • Barkin Dog Clothes
    View a variety of available outfit styles. Includes images of embroidery patterns and fabric choices.
  • Barking Beauties
    Bows for the long haired or show pets.
  • Barkinghot Pet Wear
    Offers fleecy-lined jackets and pet beds.
  • Bayou Chic Dog Clothes
    Features clothes and accessories for breeds under 15 pounds. Provides sizing chart.
  • Baysend Farm
    Reversible coats, scarves, sleeping bag/beds and natural cookies.
  • Bella Paris
    Features pet couture, harness vests, accessories, and carriers for small breeds. Sizing chart provided.
  • Bits 'N' Pieces by Kristin
    Pooch panache apparel and accessories.
  • BoDuds
    Offering polar fleece boots, coats, and bandannas.
  • Bow Wow Bargain Basement
    Sells clothing, jewelry, and novelty accessories.
  • Bowmeow Pet Products
    Offers jackets, visors, and sweaters holiday events. Also carrying air, air dogs, pet carriers, safety belts, squeaky toys.
  • Bows, Bows and More Bows
    Offers bows, belly bands, diapers and panties.
  • Boyz -N- Berries
    Offers seasonal pet fashions.
  • Bubs
    Sells hand knitted neck-warmers.
  • Buttercup & Peanut
    Maker of clothes, accessories and jewelry for small breeds. Size chart provided. Custom orders accepted.
  • Canine Clothing Company
    Formal wear, coats, and casual wear.
  • Carangola New York
    Selling premium clothes and accessories.
  • Ceasar's Palace Pet Apparel
    Fashion and casual clothing, costumes, and accessories.
  • Chesty's Wardrobe
    Specializing in military uniforms and clothing for English Bulldogs and other similar breeds.
  • Chic Doggie by Corey
    Designer apparel, jewelry, hair clips, and cashmere blankets.
  • Chihuahua Boutique
    Apparel for small dogs, as well as bedding, and theme merchandise.
  • Chihuahua Chic
    Designer products including clothes, beds, collars, and jewelry items with gem settings. Also, an information and resource page for training and carring for the Chi.
  • Chilly Dogs
    Outdoor gear for active pets.
  • CIZL
    Designer couture and accessories.
  • Clothes Hound
    Pajamas, jump suits, jackets, fleece vests, dresses and holiday costumes.
  • Cookie's Creations and Sutter's Styles
    Snoods for long-eared dogs. Custom sizing available.
  • Cosmic Knits
    Hand knit sweaters and coordinating human accessories, including hats, scarves, handbags, and ponchos. Mohair and alpaca knits in a wide range of colors and styles.
  • Country Rover Dog Coats
    Wool coats, handmade in New Zealand. Lined in soft, brushed cotton and designed for the short haired active outdoor pet.
  • Crested Moon
    Designer of pajamas, outfits, hand-knitted sweaters, soft harnesses, dog totes or carriers, and clothes for Chinese crested dogs and American hairless terriers.
  • Crocodile Tears Pet Fashions
    Large selection of bandanas, scarfs, neckerchiefs, collar covers and head scarfs for pets and people. Free newsletter.
  • Cupidtown Kennels & Cupidtown Creations
    Home of Exhibition Pomeranians and Japanese Chins.
  • Custom Collar Covers
    Pet items include handmade, machine washable collar covers, coats, costumes and martingales.
  • Daisy Dudz
    Pet gifts including dresses and jackets.
  • Dallas Dogs, Ltd.
    Selling clothing, carriers, totes, beds and accessories.
  • Dapper Dogs
    Custom made canine clothing in fleece. Also offers related accessories.

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