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Dog Books
  • Book World International
    Titles cover all breeds and topics, including breed standards, training, grooming, health and nutrition.
  • Briggs Bichon Books
    A series of titles describing life with this breed. Excerpts, author profile and testimonials.
  • Camino Book Co.
    Offering reference books for all breeds.
  • Canine Cuisine Cookbook
    Recipes include meat dishes, biscuits and treats.
  • Canis Books
    Anecdotes illustrated with miniatures and portraits. Sample pages and author profile.
  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in North America
    Offering an illustrated history of the breed, with excerpts and reviews.
  • Charlie Brownpaw
    An illustrated story about a Bichon Frise. Author profile and reviews.
  • Chow Chow Champions of Europe
    Contains photographs, pedigrees, profiles, and show information.
  • Creatures in Heaven
    Examines the concept of animal immortality. Includes excerpts, reviews and author profile.
  • Dog Grooming
    An illustrated guide with description of contents, author profile and testimonials.
  • DogDazes
    Offering secondhand titles about herding, stockdogs, and brumbies. Stock archives, descriptions and guarantee.
  • Doggie Diary
    A journal for recording events and storing photographs. Includes sample pages and suggested uses.
  • Dogs and Lovers
    A photographic essay, including extracts and author profile.
  • DogStar
    Offers a fictional story involving a real-life bull terrrier. Sample chapters, author profiles and historical information.
  • Dogwise
    Titles include works on individual breeds, activities, health and nutrition.
  • Doral Publishing
    Titles cover topics including breeding, whelping, health, nutrition, temperament, and training.
  • Earthdog Ins and Outs
    An illustrated account of history, selection, and training. Chapter details, author profile and reviews.
  • Emmas Journey
    A story about Airedales.
  • Falling Sun Publications
    Publishing books for the dog lover, including The Pet Tracker, for recording the details of your dog's life.
  • Glade Run Press
    Specialising in titles about gundogs. Includes details of two books on Brittany Spaniels.
  • Holidaying with Dogs
    Information about dog-friendly holiday destinations throughout Australia.
  • It's My Dog's Life
    A blank journal for recording details and storing photographs.
  • 4M Dog Books
    Providing new and secondhand titles covering training, nutrition, health and individual breeds. Product list and FAQ.
  • Meeting Milo
    Illustrated story and workbook teaches young children how to avoid dog bites.
  • My Dog's Diary
    A journal for recording events and storing photographs.
  • Nose to Nose: A Memoir of Healing.
    Book about a therapy dog in the United States, as well as general information about this form of training and service.
  • Our Levriers: The Past, Present and Future of All Sighthounds
    English translation of a French work published in 1984. Illustrated excerpts and author biography.
  • Paw Print Publishing
    A manual about grooming is promoted with testimonials and a list of contents.
  • Puppy Book
    A journal to document milestones, medical records and photographs.
  • The Puppy Diary
    Follows a litter from birth to collection by the new owners. Chapter details, author profile and excerpts.
  • Puppy's First Steps
    An original dog diary, with room to include photos, puppy certificate, family information.
  • Ratter Chatter
    An illustrated anthology of accounts from owners of rat terriers. Includes description of contents.
  • Rough Collies of Distinction
    Contains a brief history of the breed, with profiles of influential dogs, pedigrees and blood line charts. Author details, illustrated excerpts and updates.
  • Rudelhaus Publishing
    Two books about wolf hybrids, wolfdogs, training, behavior, maintenance, and a list of current regulations.
  • Spirit Dogs
    An illustrated short story about life after death. Author profile and interview, plus testimonials.
  • Sunshoo Papillons
    The book of British Papillon and Phalene champions from 1925 to 1998 inclusive.
  • There's a Baby in the House: Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of your Child
    How to build the relationship and avoid jealousy or competition between dog and baby. Excerpts and testimonials.
  • 116 Ways to Spoil Your Dog
    Contains information such as dog-oriented day trips and vacations, styling and fashion accessories, gourmet treats, gifts, toys, and custom-designed dog houses.
  • World of Chows
    A reference book offering facts, figures and pictures.
  • Years of the American Basenji
    Historical work-in-progress consisting of a photograph and pedigree for each winner of a conformation or activity title. Completed volumes are offered, with details of further contributions.

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